ladybug ribbon blue2 framed


About hydroawareness

I have a passion for Hydrocephalus awareness, as I have three family members who suffer from it. I also created a Hydrocephalus awareness ribbon that is now being used world wide.

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  1. Annie says:

    Can I order the ladybug decal and also the ribbon decal?

  2. stacie reynolds says:

    do u have a copyright hun can i use this pick for a friend that has this

  3. Yhanka says:

    I just found this page I’m a survivor I got hydrocephaly

  4. Lisa says:

    I just wanted to say I cannot believe I have just come across this logo, I was looking for ideas for a logo to start a charity in my sons memory. I searched blue lady bug as my sons name was Micah blue and a lady bug landed on me while he was having his brain surgery. I cannot believe this came up with the word hydrocephalus on it of all words. My son died due to clinical negligence, he had undiagnosed hydrochephalus and coned, it was too late to save him when they realised what was happening that he didn’t have reflux as they told me, which I never believed, despite me repeatedly taking him to the hospital for weeks on end, he was wrongly diagnosed and I was treated like a crazy mother. Can I ask why you chose blue and a lady bug? I have taken this as a sign from my boy. Is the ribbon something that is a national hydro ribbon? Lisa

    • Lisa I am so so sorry about your little boy. I absolutely cannot imagine the grief and heartache you have gone through.
      I am so touched by your story… I love ladybugs, and collect things with them. It only seemed appropriate to incorporate the Hydrocephalus ribbon somehow with my artwork. I designed the awareness ribbon, and it is now used all over the world. I feel incredibly humbled to have had such a role in spreading awareness.
      You are more than welcome to use the image any way you would like!

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