Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon

There seems to be some confusion in the Hydrocephalus community over the awareness ribbon used. For years Hydrocephalus was represented by a yellow awareness ribbon. The PHF decided to use a light blue ribbon to represent Hydrocephalus. There is now the two tone blue ribbon… light for pediatrics and dark blue for adults, with a water droplet to represent CSF. This personally makes more sense to me, since Hydrocephalus is not just a childhood illness… those kids grow up to become adults living with Hydrocephalus. Not to mention the fact that many older people acquire Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. I would ask that you help me in promoting this ribbon throughout the world, so that we can all unite and have this ribbon become recognized as the official Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon. It would be fantastic to one day see Hydrocephalus Awareness as prominent in stores, advertisements, commercials, etc just as the pink Breast cancer ribbon is. Will you help?


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  1. Rachel says:

    I was born with hydrocephalus and I’ve always wondered if it had an awareness ribbon. I’m 16 and I still have it. I want to promote this ribbion because I’m hoping to get a tatoo showing that this is a thing that actually has it. Thanks.

  2. Karen says:

    I think the ribbon is beautiful. My grandson was born with hydrocephalus.He was born 3 months premature, developed a brain bleed that turned into hydrocephalus. He has had surgery to place a shunt as soon as he was strong enough, about two months old, The shunt was not a full shunt, it would drain the fluid into the area between the scalp and the skull and would then be absorbed. After a couple of months he self regulated and the shunt was no longer needed.when he was 3 he had a ventriloscopy (i think that is spelled right) to place a hole in the front ventricle to allow the fluid to drain properly and had the shunt removed, Since then he has made tremendous progress towards a normal life. He is now 5, uses forearm crutches for walking and still has some gross and fine motor skills to develop. He is a very bright boy, very smart. He is starting to take steps on his own, only a few at a time, but that is great. When he was born they told us that he had Cerebral Palsy and would probably not walk..I am glad they prepared us for the worse , but I am even happier that he is doing so good. So are his doctors. He has been fortunate to have very knowledgeable, caring doctors to oversee his care since birth. He has a loving family, and very good support from his school and the personnel there. His prognosis is very good.He is one determined little boy. He has an older sister and a twin brother who support him very well. He tries his hardest to keep up with them and is very determined to run and play like they do.I know that one day he will.
    I am very excited that you have this ribbon posted here. I have been looking for one for years. Do you know where I can get a magnet one for my vehicles. I would love to proudly display it and further the awareness of hydrocephalus. I have been working to promote it in the school systems and would gladly promote it further.

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