Gotta love the media…

A little over two years ago, right after Kyle went out of work on long term disability, we were interviewed by our local television station as well as the Huffington Post. You see, because of Kyle’s inability to work and my inability to find a job, we were rapidly running into debt. Our home, a 1400 sq ft shoe box valued around $108,000, was threatened with foreclosure. We were barely staying afloat. I hadn’t worked since the birth of our first child, and although I had an impressive resume, I was unable to find a job. The job market was terrible, and despite over 75 job applications, I was unable to get so much as an interview. Even if I had been able to get a job, I’m not sure how I would have been able to work. My days and nights were spent taking care of my disabled husband and three children, and working on disability paperwork. Between the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program and disability, I began to despise paperwork. When we finally got the help we needed and I was done with the entire mess, I decided to go back to school. I applied for a Pell grant and student loans, and finally graduated with my Associates in May of this year. I am now attending a university to get a degree in Physics. It’s something that I love, I know I can get a job in the field, and my family and I will no longer have to worry about our finances once I start working  because it is a high paying career.

I am very thankful for the loan program that helped us keep our house. I am certainly no fan of Obama. The way I see it, we paid into taxes for years, and that program was there when we were in danger of losing our home. I hate dependence on the government. If my husband and I were lazy, it would be different. Put yourself in our shoes and then see how you handle it. You have 18 brain surgeries and go through the crap that he has. Some of the comments on that article absolutely infuriate me, but what can you expect when the media only gives you a smidgen of of the facts. I hate that article, and not just because of the crappy pictures they used of us both (probably in an attempt to make us look pathetic). Unfortunately once on the internet, it never goes away.


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