Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon

About three years ago I started looking online trying to find a support ribbon for Hydrocephalus. All I could find was yellow, and light blue for “pediatric” Hydrocephalus. Neither of these seemed appropriate, as I was looking for something to show support for my husband Kyle. Yellow to me meant “support the troops”, or “cancer”, and I didn’t want to use the pediatric light blue color.

I decided to create one specifically for Hydrocephalus. The first ribbon I created was yellow and royal blue. I kept the yellow as not to offend anyone already using that color, but decided to incorporate the blue to represent the “water”, or cerebrospinal fluid, and also because light blue was already being used by some groups. My hope was to bring the groups together. This quickly became popular on facebook, but I still hoped for an all blue ribbon of some sort. One year later, with the help of Kim Ruiz of “A Pocket Full of Change” Hydrocephalus non-profit, and the input of several others in the Facebook Hydrocephalus community, the ribbon evolved into a two-tone blue, with the water droplet to symbolize the CS fluid.

In 2012 I was contacted by Sheri Burdine of Hydro Angels Over America, and she was concerned because the ribbon colors were not print-friendly, and had a tendency to turn out a shade of purple. At her suggestion, I brightened the colors to a light and royal blue, so there is more contrast. I personally think this is brilliant… it is a blend of the pediatric light blue, and a darker blue to symbolize the adults with Hydrocephalus.

This was a creation of love, dedicated to all who suffer. My only intent is to raise awareness among the general public… for them to see this ribbon, and know what it is for. To finally begin to understand this illness and how it affects people.

Please feel free to take this ribbon for your personal or professional use. Let’s spread hydrocephalus awareness around the world, and help find a cure!


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  1. Kelli b. says:

    I think this is s brilliant idea..my daughter was born with hydracephalus as well as a few other disabilities. As

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