Celebrities Take Notice of Hydrocephalus

“Hydrocephalus Awareness Month begins this Sunday. There is no better way to kick off the month than with gratitude to the recent awareness being raised about hydrocephalus with some of today’s brightest stars. These individuals include Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Alison Sweeney, Dr. Lauren Streicher, Kasey Kahne, and Dick Wagner. Hydrocephalus affects an estimated 1 million individuals in the United States, from infants to seniors. There is no cure and the only treatment requires brain surgery. Despite its prevalence, there is still not a lot of awareness in the general public about the condition.  As a result, research dollars earmarked to find better treatment options and a cure are scarce. This leaves individuals living with hydrocephalus to face a lifetime of brain surgeries and other challenges. Support from highly visible celebrities and athletes not only motivates hydrocephalus patients to continue their fight, but also brings greater exposure and more understanding about this life-altering condition to the general public.”


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